Dag 27 – Celebrate holy communion together

Morning prayer

Start you day with this prayer

The symbols of bread and wine
Remind us of your love
your grace
your forgiveness
and that we can live with joy
We honour and glorify You for this

Prayer station

Use this symbol to lead you in prayer for the day.

Symbol: Piece of bread

Lord, with a piece of bread and a sip of wine, we taste and smell your gift of salvation and grace. 

We thank You that we may know that it is through your love that we are part of a family of believers – and that this remains true, even though we cannot be together physically during this time of lockdown. Amen.


Read this reflection on the text for the day. 

So then, my brothers and sisters, when you gather to eat, you should all eat together – 1 Corinthians 11:33.

The best way to show the world that we as believers are a family is to celebrate communion together. This is why Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth that how they as believers celebrate communion together is of the utmost importance. He asks specifically that they will celebrate it together. This means they had to wait for one another to celebrate communion together, and not when it was convenient for them. 

As members of God’s family the holy communion firstly reminds us that Jesus has died for our sins. Secondly it assures us that Christ is still with us, now, here, in the present. By celebrating communion together with other believers we are testifying that we are bound together by Christ’s love. Thirdly the holy communion gives us a taste of heaven. The Bible uses the image of a lavish dinner to describe our final homecoming to God. The communion bears witness of God’s presence in the past, present and future. And when we celebrate communion together, it binds us together as a family with God.  

Thank you, Lord, that we can break bread and drink wine together as a family to strengthen our faith in You. Amen.

Liturgy for life

See the ordinary things you do in and around the house as signs of God’s care.

Break bread together …

Make today’s supper a special occasion. If it is possible, bake bread this afternoon and include everyone in the house in the baking process. Here is an easy recipe for bread that needs no kneading:


  • 7 cups of flour
  • 4 cups of lukewarm water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (5 ml)
  • 1 packet of instant yeast (10 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (30 ml)

Mix everything together well.
Place in small bread pans, or in one large pan for a large bread.
Let it rise in medium heat until almost double.
Bake for +\- 1 hour at 180 ºC.

Recipe: Jan Pool, sr

If you cannot bake bread, use bread or biscuits that you have in the house and make it the main part of your supper. Jesus broke bread with his disciples to remind them, and us, that Hy gave his life for all of us. Break bread together this evening to remind one another of what Jesus did for us.

Communion reminds us of the passover and is food for the road. When we eat together, it gives us strength for the road we are walking with Jesus. This supper will not only bind us to Jesus, but also to one another. Give everyone around the table a chance to break off a piece of bread, the main part of your meal, and tell the others about something for which they are thankful in this time of lockdown.

Children’s activity

Play with your children.

Wow! 21 Days of isolation. 21 Days in which we’re only allowed to be in our homes (or gardens) and can only go out for the most essential things like food and medicine. It can be a little rough! All the things we usually do during the day, like school, sport, church … are not happening anymore. It can really confuse you and maybe even bore you a little. These daily readings will help you to spend some time with Jesus every day in a creative and fun way. You can do these readings and activities by yourself, with your siblings, or with your entire family. Ask one of the grownups to post your activity on Facebook so that others can enjoy it with you. Tag it with #solitudecalendar #churchtogether


Parties are fun. It is exciting to celebrate together and spend time together. When we celebrate communion, it is almost like a party that we can enjoy with other believers. When we celebrate communion, we are reminded of these three truths: 1. Jesus died for our sins. 2. Jesus is still with us, in this moment, and because He is with us, we as a family are bound together in love. 3. Communion gives us a taste of what heaven will be like. 

Which part of a party do you like the most?

Have you celebrated communion yet? What did you like the most about celebrating communion?


Plan a party at home. Make invitations, decorations and choose something to eat and drink, even if it is only apples and water. While you enjoy the party, talk about everything you are thankful for.


Today is Earth Day. On Earth Day we celebrate the wonderful creation and are reminded that we should care for our planet. Try to make all the decorations for your party from recycled materials.


Picture this

Look at today’s illustration. What stands out to you? Talk to the people in your home or with your friends on WhatsApp about the illustration. 

– Share a story about a memorable communion you celebrated. How old were you? Where did it take place? Who was there?

– Think about the elements of communion. The texture, the taste, the smell, what they look like. 

– Share how the experience of communion makes you feel, and then:

– Create your own interpretation of the illustration through any medium: dance, photography, videography, music, poetry, drawing, painting or short stories. 

Record it and share it with us on social media with the hashtag #countdowndoodles

Thank you’s and testimonies

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Thank you for these devotionals. It is sincerely appreciated. It helps us stay focused on our heavenly Father. We know that He is in control. Amen.
– Elsabé Muller

Bedtime story

Bedtime story by storyteller Ewald van Rensburg