A Countdown Calendar for a time of solitude

Our Countdown Calendar is filled with elements such as a prayer, a reflection, a liturgy for life and activities for children.

The material for every following day will be made available as time progresses.

We have now come to the end of the Countdown Calendar. We hope that the prayers, reflections, children’s activities and other content meant a lot to you and your loved ones in this time of lockdown. May the Lord bless you in abundance.

KiesKerk’s Countdown Calendar was developed to transform this alone time (solo time) into a time of growth (soul time).

For every day there are elements such as a prayer, a reflection, a suggestion for a liturgy for life, an opportunity to be creative and children’s activities.

In this time of lockdown it is so much more important not to forget one another or become estranged. The suggestions for every day will help believers – big and small – to grow closer to God and one another.